New herbal research medicine for 'LIVER',-Livance launched

"Safe, Effective and Standardized Formula for 'LIVER' disease"
Livance Product Launched
Economic Times July 16,2010
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Many patients ignore liver problems due to the side effects of medicine but now good news for those patients, as there is a new herbal medicine launched in the market. The company has assertively said that, there are no side effects of this medicine. Avancé Phytotherapies Pvt. Ltd., an Ahmedabad-based innovation company in the area of phytopharmaceuticals launched its second product, a Liver-protecting capsule, Livance.

Livance is manufactured using highly effective herbal ingredients that possess superior pharmacological activity compared to existing products in the market. Avancé has applied for patent for Livance combination. This is a unique combination which is not available in the market in this strength. The effectiveness is guaranteed due to complete standardization of the formulation. All the ingredients are extensively studied through various animal studies and clinical trials and possess good safety profile. "Livance is an effective liver protector for various liver problems and its judicious blend and minimal number of ingredients makes it more effective treatment option" said Dr. K. Pundarikakshudu, Avancé President of Innovation and Development division. Ms. Monika Verma, CEO, Avancé further added, "Our company philosophy is to create effective, clinically proven and standardized herbal medicines using Indian System of Medicine for those ailments where there are no allopathic interventions. Our research is aimed at ailments such as Constipation, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, Mucositis, Anti-Ageing and Liver diseases".

Avancé is an emerging innovation company endowed with cutting edge technologies in herbal nutraceuticals and herbal medicines. The company started its Innovation & Development operations in 2004 and came up with Chronolax granules, an innovative, safe and effective remedy for constipation. Their new product, Livance, an original Avancé research effort, is a promising herbs - containing liver – protective product. The unique feature of Livance is the standardization of each herb used in the formulation with respect to the active constituent of respective herb. Because of the strict quality policy of the company, Livance is checked not only for the presence of actives, but also for the absence of harmful substances like pesticides and heavy metals; which are a big concern for users of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. Livance is also tested for absence of fungi and bacteria to ensure complete safety combined with consistent quality and effectiveness. Many leading Ayurvedic practitioners and gastroenterologists attended the launch of Livance and a detailed presentation was made to the doctor's highlighting its effectiveness on various liver problems. Others who were present during the launch are Avancé's Founder Chairman Dr. Shivprakash Rathnam and its Executive Research Director Dr. Karishma Jain. Also present was Marketing Manager.